04. satanic sonderkommando

from by Mountainside




I’ve lost every stitch I had
Trying just to please her
And miserably failed
Didn’t get there even once.

Wrong friends wrong drugs
Wrong ways to comfort the heart

Flaming desire Wwld fire
Turned me into a loser left me to weep
Broken personality alien mentality
Painful shame to realize that was me.

Satanic Sonderkomando
On the wheels of Hell
Driving me insane
Satanic Sonderkomando
In the infernal maze
No longer sane.

Stoned decisions have twisted my feelings
Made the pain stronger and blocked the way out
Bizarre visions sorrow is stealing
My will to live everything’s too loud.


from SOLITARY, POOR, NASTY, BRUTISH, AND SHORT, released November 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Mountainside Kaunas, Lithuania

As the Lithuanian music export site www.mxl.lt puts it: „Mountainside is one of the most remarkable bands in Lithuanian rock. They stand out quite like a mountain, blending diverse styles from stoner to psychedelic rock into one heavy rocking musical monolith and sounding like nothing else. "
Jurij Dobriakov, www.mxl.lt.
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