Hidden in Light

by Mountainside

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MOUNTAINSIDE is back with the new album! It is hard to believe, but five years have passed since Solitary, Poor, Nasty, Brutish, and Short was released in 2013. The new one is called Hidden In Light.
This time the band came up with what can be called a concept album. Musically all tracks are composed as the parts of a singular composition. And are united by the linear narrative. Constructed as a loose script for the alegoric sci-fi/fantasy road mistery, lyrics deal with rather archetypal topics of deceit, betrayal, guilt, quest, redemption and liberation.
If previous MOUNTAINSIDE album, the Hobbesian Solitary, Poor, Nasty, Brutish, and Short was sludgey doomy metal affair, with some proggy and psychedelic overtones, on Hidden In Light psychedelic is very prominent and though the sound remains in the metal territory, the influences from postpunk and prog (or art rock) are even more pronounced.
The CD is again (as All About Time in 2007) released by Zona Music. Established in early 1991 in Vilnius, as Zona Records, it was the first legal indie label in Eastern Europe.
The tracking was done over period from 2010 to 2017 by Karolis Klimaitis and Laurynas Baškys at Megasonus and Lapes Records studios.
Album was mixed by the revered Latvian soundengineer Girts Laumanis (TESA, SOUNDARCADE INOKENTIJS MARPLS, etc.) at his Hodila Records studio in Valmiera.
Artwork by Linas Gliaudelis.


released November 12, 2018


all rights reserved



Mountainside Kaunas, Lithuania

Rytis Bulota - bass, vocals
Šarūnas Bulota - guitar
Sigitas Lukoševičius- drums
Ugnius Užkuraitis- guitar, vocals

As mxl.lt puts it: „Mountainside is one of the most remarkable bands in Lithuanian rock. They stand out quite like a mountain, blending diverse styles from stoner to psychedelic rock into one heavy rocking musical monolith and sounding like nothing else. "
Jurij Dobriakov, www.mxl.lt.
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Track Name: Lion Runs in the Kingdom of Gold
Aklas Dievas žiūri į tave.

Lion runs in the kingdom of gold
The Blind God is looking upon you.

Behind the plain
Hidden in light
With water she waits
Suspended in time.

Up in the mountains
Deserted by her company
She still carries her tune
She is the Key.

The lightning hits
The song suddenly ends
She is mesmerized
She goes into trance.

Deep in the forest
Out of the rhyme
She is taken away
To the base of Infinite Time.

Track Name: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle Pt.1
The past mistake
Repeated over
And over again
It’s nobody’s fault.

Drinking the blood of the damned
Will make you forget everything
Passive aggression
Receding to nothingness.

Fear not little angel
Those ugly devils won’t harm you
Those scary beasts won’t touch you
‘Cause evil’s not them.

Do fear little devil
Those perfect angels will skin you alive
Do fear little devil
‘Cause perfection is cold and cruel.

Art for cruelty’s sake
In the wake of massacre
The time has

Carrying the missing piece
Of the puzzle
No one shall like
The outcome.

You shall never
Know her name
But she is
Track Name: Forest's Secret Well Kept
Of the sun and the moon
Of the stars and the earth
The sentence had been written on the glass
And it is never to be guessed.

The hangman’s eyes are gleaming in the dark
Forest’s secret well kept
Weary traveler will learn it tomorrow
Quarter past noon. Make it sharp.

He’s not searching for anything
Just trying to lose the past
Cannot change a thing
Just wants his amnesia to last.

He never liked her song
Yet he would gladly die
For the girl to sing
Just one more time

So his god turned out to be the Devil
Never really bothered him much
Didn’t change his routine
Yet he would sell his soul to bring her back.

And his trip has no end
And he is willing to die
To hear the tune
Just one more time.
Track Name: To the End of the Tracks
Walking by the railroad
Looking for the train
Following the track
It is about to rain.

Haunted by the memory
Of the one you couldn't save.

Smoking on the platform
Thinking of the one
Of the time when all was lost
And what could’ve been done.

Haunted by the memory
Of the one you couldn't save.

Standing on the platform
Waiting for the train
Standing on the platform
In the pouring rain.

You almost recall the face
On the day of the final game
Her tune still rings in your ears
But you can't remember her name.

Standing on the platform
Thinking of the one
In the pouring rain
Contemplating the run.

This train will take you
To the end of the track
To the station of Infinity Falls
Where water waits
Rusty bell tolls.

You shall find her there
Behind the misty plain
Just hold your breath
Reach deep inside
And you shall remember her name.

Water waits
On the Falls of Infinity
You hold her name
You have the key
Now call it out loud
And she will set herself free.
Track Name: Water Waits on the Falls of Infinity
Water waits
On the falls
Of infinity.

Girl's asleep
In the eye
Of time.

Escaping the kingdom tomorrow
Reclaiming her fate
From the idle hands
Of the Blind God.

Vanduo laukia
Ant amžinybės krioklių.

Security breach
In the Infinite time.

She heard her name
She takes a deep breath
The shackles break
Sleeping water falls
And the dam cracks.

She stands as herself
Back to what she is
Reclaiming her fate
Redeeming her faith.

The limbo ends
From the idle hands
Of the Blind God
She breaks away.

She breaks away
From the idle hands of the Blind God
She breaks away
And she is never coming back.

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