by Mountainside

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released November 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Mountainside Kaunas, Lithuania

As the Lithuanian music export site puts it: „Mountainside is one of the most remarkable bands in Lithuanian rock. They stand out quite like a mountain, blending diverse styles from stoner to psychedelic rock into one heavy rocking musical monolith and sounding like nothing else. "
Jurij Dobriakov,
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Track Name: 01. a passing train awakens the sleeping slayer, 02. hostage, 03. doom is set in stone

Unfair rules sinister plan
Trapped in the web of hostile design
Imprisoned into the cage of hatred
Locked away for life
In the cage of fear
Built in the mind.

Cheated and robbed
With the back on the wall
Betrayed confused alone
Desperation’s standing tall

Wounded bleeding scared
Beaten and used
Black blood stain
Keeping an oath is the old news

Blow after blow
Kick after kick
Choking on pain
Helpless and sick

Who is whose worst enemy
And who is whose best friend
Who will kill and who will rescue
Who’ll be damned and who’ll be blessed

Beaten down
Taken as hostage
Cheated and used
Taken as hostage
Caught in the lies
Taken as hostage
Betrayed and confused
Taken as hostage

Lights are going down
Sands are running out
Fear is rising up
Death is coming down

No one’s going to come for rescue
No one’s going to pay the ransom
Left all alone
The doom is set in stone.
Track Name: 04. satanic sonderkommando

I’ve lost every stitch I had
Trying just to please her
And miserably failed
Didn’t get there even once.

Wrong friends wrong drugs
Wrong ways to comfort the heart

Flaming desire Wwld fire
Turned me into a loser left me to weep
Broken personality alien mentality
Painful shame to realize that was me.

Satanic Sonderkomando
On the wheels of Hell
Driving me insane
Satanic Sonderkomando
In the infernal maze
No longer sane.

Stoned decisions have twisted my feelings
Made the pain stronger and blocked the way out
Bizarre visions sorrow is stealing
My will to live everything’s too loud.
Track Name: 05. stokholmo sindromas
Stokholmo sindromas

Mane pagavo vasarą
Kai švinas nebevirto auksu

Nebegaliu sugrįžt atgal
Ir pasiklausti savo vardo

Nebegaliu pakelt galvos
Ir kąst į ranką

Kuri mane šeria
Kuri mane saugo

Vasarą. Mėnesį
Kai užrakino laiką
Track Name: 06. the iron law of oligarchy

Sometimes I’m getting
So sick and tired of inbetweens
I miss the comfort to know
What right and wrong means

So many times
I’ve seen that noble and wise
Were indeed just another case of
Ruthless monsters in disguise

I don’t trust conventions
But I may believe in sympathy
Maybe it could lead the way
Through this hateful misery.

Because too many ideals
Held by kindhearted and nice
Were used to justify
This slavery in disguise.

So many pure things
Were sold and abused
With people standing holloweyed
Helpless and confused

I’ve seen the hearts of gold
Decayed by rust
The ancient tomes of lore
Turned into dust

Shining manifestos
Falling into disuse
The circle is always full
They win, we loose

I’ve seen betrayed revolutionaries
Choking on their own words
Burning with despair
Falling. Fallen. Broke.

Too often open hand
Has turned into the clenched fist
But I desperately wish I could believe
That liberty exists.

Under this darkness
We are all halfblind
Is anyone going to find
The justice

Tell me what justice is.

It’s a fuckin’ swamp
Tell me what is justice
Track Name: 07. stone into sand
Stone into Sand

If I could I would

Stone turned
Into sand
Fist insted of
Helping hand

No reason why
And left to die

Too slow
Left out of the game
And choking with shame
Track Name: 09. ant mano peties niekas neverks
Ant mano peties niekas neverks

Ant mano peties niekas neverks
Nes mano akys tuščios
Kaip jūsų dievo rankos.

Į niekur veda šitas kelias
Kai pro pirštus išbėga atmintis
Ir dulkėse sužvilga šukė.